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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

Scentsy has been a part of my life now for over 10 years.....I never thought I'd ever join a direct sales company because I'm not a salesperson.  And yet, this company and what it stands for have become a part of my life.  Now I say that I have wax in my veins, and I truly say that because Scentsy is a part of who I am! Their motto of simplicity, authenticity, and generosity have inspired me in so many ways. 

My amazing Scentsy journey started in April of 2010.  A stay at home mom, raising my sons, but life happens and an unexpected medical issue left us with some medical bills that were not really in the budget. I knew that I needed to do something to help contribute to our new bills, but  I was not really feeling excited about most direct sales companies and with the kids, going back to work was not something I wanted to have to do either.  I was given a Scentsy warmer for a gift by my sister in law but it sat on my fireplace because I didn't "get it."  "Yeah, it's some warmer thing that melts wax"...little did I know.  

A good friend was having a Cash For Gold party and I had some old jewelry so I thought I'd trade it for some extra money, and her home smelled amazing when I arrived! She had just become a consultant.  She was so excited about how Scentsy completely fragranced her house and asked me if I had seen the Scentsy warmers. I told her I had one sitting at home in a box.  She ordered me to go home and check it out and I did and then signed up that night.  Understanding how amazing it was, and how just a little cube of wax could make a home smell like a tropical paradise, or a field of fresh flowers or the scent of cinnamon at Christmas, that was what I needed to understand the way that the warmers and wax complement each other.  Since then, I have been educating people about Scentsy and growing a team.  I am so thrilled to be a consultant for Scentsy!!  I started off with a bang and made "Shooting Star" in less than 2 weeks and "Scentsational Start" level 2.  Only 20% of consultants earn this award!! But aside from all of that, Scentsy is just FUN!!! I have so much FUN with our products, meeting people and PARTYING for a living!!!

Having a  Scentsy warmer is like eating potato chips! You can't have just one!!  I love the safety factor as well as the fact that there is no smoke or soot.  They are economical too!  When considering that the Scentsy wax is scented 3 times stronger than any candle out in the marketplace it just makes "scents" to choose Scentsy! 

Along with our wax warmers, our beautiful diffusers have joined our product line.  They light up, change colors and  have a lifetime warranty! You can use any essential oil in them too, not just ours but we have some amazing ones! I think that my favorite right now is "Citrus and Verbena." 

I've been meeting and getting to know so many great people as a result of Scentsy.  Our company is more like a family that celebrates successes and milestones. Our conventions are even referred to as "Family Reunions" because if you're part of Scentsy you are part of our family!

If you enjoy an environment in which scent is important to you, I hope that you'll give Scentsy a try!    Also, if you have ever thought of having your own business, Scentsy offers an amazing business opportunity for the starting kit price of only $99.00!!! Come be a part of a growing team!  It's your business, so you can be your own boss and work as much as you choose ; the choice is yours!  Scentsy gives each consultant the tools and support to be a success!  

For me, my Scentsy journey is more than just financial. It's so much about relationships and helping others.

 There are some amazing scents in Scentsy's current line, so please contact me for a catalog!  And now Scentsy has been offered a collaboration with Disney, so we will have limited edition Disney products going forward!!! If I can help you in any way with Scentsy, please call or text! Customer Service is so important to me!!!   I am so blessed to be a part of the "Scentsy Spirit!!!"